Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chicken Dum Biryani

Chicken Dum Biryani is a popular non-vegetarian variety of Biryani. It is a traditional celebration meal made using lamb or chicken and rice and is the staple of a die-hard Hyderabadi.It is loaded with flavours and aroma.Good flavor and consistency makes perfect biryani...................This recipe has already created tremors in my friends friends and my fellow bloggers I'm sharing this wonderful recipe with you all..........which I also believe it's perfect .............

In this recipe there is a fascinating thing ..........that's the rice and chicken gravy are cooked fully and then they are given good dum ..................isn't it need to worry about proper cooking of rice and chicken in dum................

  • Rice

For 2 cups of rice(basmati) add 3 cups of water, salt to taste, leaves, 3cloves, 3green elachi, 2''piece of cinnamon , 2 anistar and 2tsps. of ghee and cook rice until it is totally cooked.

  • Marinate

Take 2lbs. chicken, cut them in desired size and marinated them with 5tbs. curd, salt, 1tsp. red pepper powder and 1tsp. ginger,garlic paste.Marinate them for 2 hrs.

  • Garnishing

For garnishing cut 1/2 onion in light wise and fry them in oil until they are golden brown.and drain the excess oil.

In 3tbs.milk soak a pinch of saffron.

  • Chicken Curry

6tsps.Oil. salt to taste. pepper powder. 1tsp. coriander powder. 5no. cloves. 2''piece cinnamon. 3no. green elachi. 3no. staraniseeds. 2tsps. shajeera. 1/4 tsp. mace. 1/4 tsp. garam masala. 1tsp. coriander powder. Tomatoes boiled and pureed. 1/2 cup of chopped mint. 1/2 cup coriander leaves. 3tsps. ginger,garlic paste. 1 big onion chopped. 10no.cashews.(soaked for 15min.)

  • In a heavy bottomed pan take oil, once it's hot add all whole garam masala, mint and coriander leaves, fry for a while, then add onion paste,ginger,garlic paste and fry for 10 min. then add pureed tomatoes, cashew pate,marinated chicken,salt and red pepper powder and cover it with lid until the chicken is cooked, then remove the lid, add coriander powder and garam masala and cook until the gravy is thick.
  • Dum(oven)

Ghee the oven proof pan or aluminium tray, layer the curry and rice (start with curry on the bottom)then add few drops of saffron milk and fried onions on the top layer of the rice and cover the tray tight with aluminium foil and bake at 350F for 20 min.

  • Dum(stove top)
  • Keep the heavy bottomed pan or cooker on medium low heat, add little ghee and layer the curry and rice(start with curry on the bottom)then add few drops of saffron milk and fried onions on the top layer of the rice and cover the pan or cooker with clean and damp kitchen cloth and put the lid on it....for 30min. as shown in the pic. , then remove from the flame and mix it well ...............and serve it hot with raita or kurma.

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