Thursday, January 8, 2009

Veggie Balls in Sweet & Sour Sauce

This is the simple winter dish.........
this will be a good way to make kids have

veggies in their favorite sauce...................
  • 1lb. cabbage
  • 5 normal carrots
  • 1 green bell pepper.
  • 1/4 lb.french beans.
  • 3 cloves of garlic.
  • 3 green chillies.
  • 1''piece of ginger.
  • salt to taste.
  • 3tbs.of bread crumbs.
  • 1tsp.of corn starch.
  • oil for deep frying.

  • Put all vegetables along chillies,ginger and garlic in the food processor and shred them into small pieces.
  • Squeeze out all the excess water from the vegetables,(must squeeze really hard)then add 3tbs.bread crumbs or 1 slice of bread without sides,1tsp.corn starch and, salt and make the mixture into a good consistency that balls are formed out of them.(don't add too much of corn starch because it makes balls hard and chewy)
  • Then deep fry them in oil on a medium high flame and remove from the flame once they are light brown,keep them on a paper towel to drain the excess oil.
  • For gravy:
  • 1tsp of oil.
  • 3tbs. tomato ketchup.
  • 1tsp. red or green chilli sauce.
  • 2tsp.mild soy sauce.
  • 2tsp. of corn starch.
  • 3cloves of garlic finely chopped.
  • 1small bunch of spring onions chopped.

  • In a pan pan heat 1tsp of oil,once it it hot add half of chopped spring onions,then add tomato ketchup,chilli sauce,salt ,soy sauce and just heat them for few min. and then add 2tsp.corn starch and 2cups of water and boil for 4 minutes once the sauce is little thick then add the fried veggie balls and chopped garlic and remaining spring onions and toss them well and remove from the fire and serve them hot. If you have to serve later just add the balls before serving.This will go good with fried rice or noodles.........

1 yummies:

Kiran said...

wow........ All ur dishes are making me crazy and sad :-( I want all ur dishes...
Lovely dishes dear.

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