Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Royal Icing Cakes

  • It is little hard to make this icing compared to other types of icing.

  • for making 3 cups of royal icing we need

  • 3 tabs. of meringue powder(you can even substitute it with egg whites)
    1lb. of confectioners' sugar.
    5-6 tbs. of luke warm water.
    Place confectioners sugar and meringue powder in a bowl,mix at low speed with a hand mixer until blended. Add water and mix for 8 min.on low speed until the icing loses its sheer(shining).to prevent drying always cover it with a tight lid or damp cloth. You can store the icing in an airtight container for 2 weeks.

  • I have made these flowers and birds with royal icing in before and when they are dried for 3 days, I have placed them on the cake.

  • My friends told that I'm soooooooo

  • crazy as I made this two tire cake with 108 royal icing roses....................believe me it's really the hardest cake that I have made.........................but my hard work paid it was one of the best cakes in my class.
  • This is my best and favorite cake
  • as it came out soooooo cute and
  • I have made nearly 10 types of
  • flowers for this basket cake.........
  • isn't it cute????

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    Sanjana said...

    These are awesome! Loving you blog! Your cakes are so amazing, especially the character ones! Please do come and visit me at KO Rasoi! Keeo up the awesome work!

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