Friday, September 4, 2009

Veggie Burger

Like many others, I'm also not big fan of vegetarian food.....but recently forcefully willing to have more veggies in my diet.....may be getting little health I'm frequently having stir fry vegetables, for a reason or the other got bored of having same kind....thought of a change and this creation came out my mind.....not only me but my daughter who is a picky veggie eater also enjoyed this..........the recipe for this master creation fallows....

Ingredients: 3cups,mixed vegetables(carrots, green peas. cabbage, green bell pepper, Lima beans)(I used stir fired vegetables), salt to taste, 2+5tbs.bread crumbs, 2tbsp.corn starch, oil for shallow frying, burger bread, lettuce, onion(sliced), tomato(sliced), cheese slice, ketchup and mayonnaise for topping.

Grind all the vegetables in the food processor and squeeze out the additional water, add the salt and 2tbs.bread crumbs and make them in to patties and keep aside. Add little water to the corn starch and make it into a semi liquid paste and keep it aside. Dip the patties in the corn starch paste and roll them in the bread crumbs, heat the tavva, once it is hot place the patties and fry on medium heat by addling little oil until done(fry appx.10min.each side)

Now place the cheese slice, veggie Pattie in the bun along with the toppings and serve it with ketchup and mayonnaise..............

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Pavithra said...

Wow thats awesome to have right away.

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