Friday, September 4, 2009


Jileabi is my all time favorite...........

Ingredients For Batter:
11/2cup maida/all purpose flour, 1/4cup curd/yogurt, 1/4tsp.baking soda.

Ingredients for Syrup: 11/2cup sugar, 11/2cup water.
Jilebi batter:
Mix flour and yogurt to a smooth paste, keep it aside and let it ferment for overnight. It works better with sour curd. Add enough water to make it a pour-able consistency, it should be neither thick, nor runny. After the fermentation is finished, just before frying, stir in baking soda and keep it aside.
In a heavy bottom pan, combine sugar and water. Boil for 20 min. and you should have a single thread consistency sugar syrup and keep it aside.

Frying Jilebi :
In a heavy flat pan add oil for deep frying, for a pastry or zip loc bag cut an 1/2'' opening and pour the batter to into the bag. Once the oil is hot enough for frying, slowly swirl the batter outward in a circular motion to make 3" round jilebis. Cook them on medium heat till light golden brown(should not fry it too dark)fry the jilebis on both the sides until they are light golden brown, now remove the jilebis from the oil and dip them in the warm syrup and immediately remove them and put them on the plate............serve them hot and crunchy.
I'm sending this to Priya's "Diwali Event 2009" , Purva's "Diwali Dhamaka" and sireesha's "Sweet Series Event"

2 yummies:

divya said...

nice blog,jelebi looks so yummmmmmmmmmmmm...

indianspicemagic said...

wounderful jalebis...Truly tempting

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