Monday, March 30, 2009

Banana Halwa

One day,while I was searching in google for the sweets made of banana, I finally I landed on this recipe.........I felt it is simple, easy and totally new to I have tried my hand in turned out to be good.....It is a good sweet for people with sweet tooth......................It has perfect texture and taste of the store bought halwa......................


10 big bananas(plantain variety), Mashed properly with hand, 3 cups - sugar,1 tsp - cardamom,4 Tsp.ghee, 2tsp.toasted cashews.

Take a heavy bottomed pan.Heat it and then add the mashed bananas to this heated pan, continuously stir it till it turns slightly brown now add 3 cups of sugar and continue stirring it till it turns dark brown and it starts leaving the bottom of the pan and forms a combined single mass. Now add ghee,cashew and stir ,be careful at this point, to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pan. Greece a plate with oil/ butter /ghee and keep aside. Now pour the mass of the banana into this plate and allow it to cool.When its almost cool draw lines in desired shapes and allow it to cool completely then cut and store in a box.It lasts for more than a month .

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