Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Borugula Upma/Buggani/Puffed Rice Upma

This is the recipe from one of my good friends's the most quick fix snack/breakfast item .......

3-4cups.puffed rice,1no.onion (roughly chopped), chillies, 2tsp.shredded coconut,( grind the green chillies and coconut into coarse paste), 1/4tsp.turmeric powder, salt to taste, 2tsp.lemon juice.

1tsp.chana dal, 1tsp.urad dal, 1tsp.cumin seeds, 1/2tsp.mustard seeds, 2no.whole red chillies, 2springs curry leaves, 4tsp.peanuts, 2tsp.oil .

Soak puffed rice in water for a minute or two, (do not soak the puffed rice for a long time, because they become soft soon), squeeze the water from soaked puffed rice and keep aside. Heat oil in a pan, once it is hot add all seasoning, once the aroma of seasoning starts to spread, add the chopped onion, and fry until the onions are translucent, then add the ground green chilli and coconut paste and fry it for few sec.,then add puffed rice, turmeric powder and salt, mix well and remove from the heat, squeeze the lemon juice,mix it well and serve it hot with putnalapodi/chana dal powder.

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