Sunday, April 5, 2009


This is a popular Gujarati's famous for its spongy texture and mild flavours..........The recipe that I'm posting here is not the original dhokla recipe........its mostly like instant one........but turn out so tasty...........................

The measurements given here serves 2, just double to quantities to increase the servings........

1 cup Sooji(upma ravva), 1tbsp. Oil,1/4tsp. ajwain,1/2tsp.ginger,2no.Green Chili,finely chopped (adjust as per taste),salt to taste,1/2 cup water,1/2cup Yogurt(curd),1/4tsp.turmeric Powder, 1tsp.ENOFruit Salt.
1tsp.oil,1tbsp.mustard seeds, for garnishing finely chopped coriander leaves for about 2tsp.
In a bowl, add Sooji, ajwain seeds and oil, mix well until the sooji is totally coated with oil, see that there no lumps. In another bowl take the yogurt and whisk soft, then add chopped chillies, grated ginger salt and turmeric powder and mix well, then add this mixture,water to sooji and mix well until a smooth batter is formed, now allow the batter to reset for at least 15min., then add ENO fruit salt to the sooji batter and mix well, now we can see the fermentation of the batter.......then immediately pour the batter into the greased plate(9" x 2" sized),filling only half way up, In a pressure cooker add 1 1/2cup water and place the batter plate into the cooker, close the lid of the cooker but do not place the whistle,(even we can use a wide pan with the lid instead of pressure cooker) steam the Dhokla on medium heat for 15 min., then remove from the flame and allow it to cool for about 2 min. then cut the dhokla in squares and keep them aside. Now heat Oil in a pan, once it is hot add mustard seeds and allow them to splutter, now garnish the dhokla pieces with chopped cilantro leaves and seasoned oil with mustard seeds, serve them hot with green chutney......or the lazy arts enjoy it just like that......these dhoklas have the spongy texture and tastes as good as original dhoklas.........I really enjoyed them........thanks to my friend who have shared her recipe with me........

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