Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pesarapappu Payasam/Moong Dal Payasam

This is one of the Payasams that can be done in jiffy............try it tastes very delicious.....

1cup,moong dal, 11/4cup, jaggery, 3cup,milk, 1/4tp.cardamom powder, 2tbsp.ghee, 2tsp. cashews, 2tsp.raisins.
1/4cup,poppy seeds/gasa gasaalu(toasted), 5tsp.grated fresh coconut, fistfull of cashews, grind all these ingredients with half cup of milk into a smooth paste and keep it aside.
Pressure cook moong dal with two cups of water for 3whistles and keep it aside. Now in a different vessel add a cup of water and jaggery, cook it till the jaggery is completely melted, then add the ground mixture, 3 cups of milk, melted jaggery to the cooked moong dal, mix well and keep it on medium heat for 10min., stir in between to avoid sticking, now simmer the flame and cook for another 10min., now turn off the heat and add cardamon powder, roasted cashews and raisins to the payasam.....mix well. Can be served hot or cold..........I enjoy having it cold.......

1 yummies:

Shabs.. said...

I have been going thru all ur sweet posts now and woww....I feel like having all now in this midnight....i loved ur jaleby, this payasam, cheesecake, sandesh, rasagulla, rice payasam........oh i shud tell u all....great posts...will be trying out some when tim epermits....but i have a feeling ur sweet level is much higher than me, looking at the sugar in the recipes,.....I already feel im too much of a sugar intaker!!

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