Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This is the breakfast dish that doesn't need any introduction............this is the healthy and light's an purely southern delight, there are many variations to make them, but this is one of the old and standard variety..........................

Ingredients: 1cup urad dal, 3cups idli ravva, salt taste.

Soak urad dal and idli ravva for about 4 hrs. in separate bowls. wash the urad dal and grind into fine paste by adding water and keep it aside.

Wash the ravva and squeeze out all the water from the ravva and add it to the ground urad batter and add salt and mix well and allow them for ferment for over night or 8hrs.

Making Idlies:

Add 1cup of water ot the pressure cooker or any wide pan and keep it on medium high heat, now grease the idli trays with little oil or spray any nonstick spray and add the batter to the idli moulds and place them in the pressure cooker or pan (if using pressure cooker do not use the whistle) and steam them on medium heat for first 5 min. and later reduce the heat to medium and steam them for another 10 min... now remove them from the flame and allow them to cool a bit and by using a spoon scoop out idlies and serve them hot with peanut chutey.......

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